At iQuest Media, we offer Professional Copywriting & Personalized Content that respects your deadlines.


Are you looking for engaging SEO-friendly content that will attract attention?

From blog articles to newsletters, from social media publications to advertorials, our professional copywriters create texts on a wide variety of topics. You can opt to have your texts written in the language of your choice, or both French and English.

Depending on your needs, we write in in Canadian or American English, as well as Canadian French, and each text is rigorously written before being edited and then revised. This ensures that your work is always impeccable.

iQuest Media Copywriters can produce:

  • Blog Articles
  • Forms
  • Guides
  • Website Pages
  • Publications for Social Media Campaigns & Posts
  • Publications for Email Marketing
  • Polls
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Promotional Texts (posters, leaflets, advertorials, etc.)
  • And much more!


Benefit from quick follow-ups and flexible invoicing, all without having to manage several freelancers with different work methods.


iQuest Media offers English/French translation that will allow you to obtain an efficient translation service

Do you need a text translated?

Whether it is documents we have produced for you or texts written by third parties, you can count on us for an efficient translation service. At iQuest Media, we translate content of various topics, from French to English and from English to French.

Depending on your target audience, our qualified and rigorous team can also adapt your texts to speak to them.



Get An Efficient Translation Service Catered to Your Business

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