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More and more websites that we visit today on browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari are marked as “unsecured”. Is this really the case? I pay to have SEO work done on my website, a dedicated server, a webmaster who takes care of all the updates to keep my website secure so why is my website “unsecured” ? Why do my customers see a message that they cannot visit my website.

The simple answer? There is no SSL certificate installed on the domain, so browsers indicate that your website is not secure.

The most extensive answer is what you need to know. Not having an SSL certificate does not mean that you have an unsecured website, it simply means that you are more vulnerable to hacking and phishing and that the connection between your website and your visitors’ browser is not secure. Huh? Too technical? Let me explain.

Think of your website as your telephone. You need a telephone number, a phone and a provider. Now, in the world of the web, all websites (telephone) must be connected to a domain name (telephone number) through a server aka hosting (telephone provider) to make them accessible to your clients. And all domain names use the default HTTP protocol (area code). However, the domain name you visit does not always have a direct route (redirections) to the server and can cause hackers and scammers to take control your website, making it perfect for stealing sensitive information & creating an exact replica, unless the website in question has an SSL certificate.


What exactly is an SSL certificate?

Good question! An SSL certificate makes a website accessible via the HTTPS protocol, which ensures that all website data that is exchanged between the Website server and the user’s browser is encrypted. It makes the course safer and that’s why the S is used in HTTPS and you see a small padlock in the navigation bar.

In the past, SSL was generally used to secure banking transactions, personal data collection and login information. Today, it has several advantages, such as better SEO rankings. Therefore, any website should be putting an SSL certificate to improve the security of your website and inspire trust among your customers. This is no longer reserved just for websites who have a contact form, a dashboard login page, or an e-commerce.

In fact, back in 2018, Google announced a big change to the way their algorithm reads websites and ranks them. In order to create a better and more secure environment, Google started rewarding websites that had a SSL certificate by boosting their position on their search engine results.


To find out if a website can be viewed safely, you can refer to the left of the URL link on your navigation bar:

What are the advantages of using an SSL certificate?

SSL certification offers you a multitude of security benefits and more!

SEO Benefits & Better Rankings

Our famous Google has begun to focus on websites with SSL certificates in an effort to make web browsing more secure. Since the SSL certificate enhances a website’s credibility, Google rewards websites with an SSL certificate by improving their ranking on Google search results.

Encrypted Connection

By offering this an additional layer of protection, the connection between the server and the browser that consults it is secured. In addition, in some cases, when you click on the padlock, it will indicate how many “cookies” are used.

Less Piracy and Phishing

Some hackers create a website identical to yours. Later, they can imitate your web server and make a user believe that they are visiting your site while in reality, they are browsing the same website as yours to steal personal information, such as your credit card number. The SSL certificate validates the authentication of the website owner / business owner.

Security and Privacy

All information that is completed on a contact form or during an online purchase on a website that holds an SSL certificate remains 100% private and even if someone discovers this information, they will never be able to understand the communication exchanges.

In a nutshell, the SSL certificate inspires confidence among your website visitors, provides you with increased security and protects you and your customers from the many threats on the Web.

This small padlock helps a lot to prevent hacker attacks that are based on illegal listening, while improving your online positioning. And we all know that having a good quality rating on Google is a key factor when trying to be at the top of the results pages!


How do I get an SSL certificate for my website?

To ensure the safety of visitors to your Website, Google Chrome requires that sites use certificates from approved organizations. At iQuest Media, we offer you the SSL certificate included with every hosting package.

Our SSL certificate uses the best technology on the market to secure your domain name and its subdomains. In addition, our professionals will install and activate the SSL certificate without damaging your site.


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